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Sanitized® Tile & Grout Sealer

Davco Sanitized Tile & Grout Sealer is a solvent based penetrating sealer that protects against stains, soiling, discolouration and efflorescence. It is a clear solution, which cures to an invisible, water repellent coating, It will not change the colour of the tile or grout.


  • Sanitized Tile & Grout Sealer can be used on all wall and floor grout joints in both internal and external applications
  • Sanitized Tile & Grout Sealer must only be used over cement based grouts
  • It can be used over most unglazed porous ceramic tiles

Features & Benefits:

  • It is easy to apply and does not require any special tools
  • The specially formulated chemicals in Sanitized Tile & Grout Sealer protect grout joints and tile surface from soiling and staining and reduces water absorption of cement based grouts and porous ceramic tiles

Always read the Datasheet and MSDS before use.

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